GOG Guide

Step 1: Downloading GOG Galaxy 2.0

If you already have GOG Galaxy 2.0 installed, skip to step 3.

If you do not have GOG Galaxy 2.0 installed, go to the website here: https://www.gog.com/galaxy

Click on the button that says “Download GOG Galaxy 2.0”. This should allow you to save a small installation application. When the file has downloaded, run the installation application and install GOG Galaxy 2.0 onto your PC.

Note: If you’re using Mac, use the Mac link located just below the download button to download that installation applications instead.

Once GOG Galaxy 2.0 has installed, open the application and you should be met with a Login window.

Step 2: Login or Create an Account

You only need to have one GOG account – if you already have one then simply login to your account using your username/password.

If you do not have a GOG account then go the link that says “Sign In” on the main GOG website – where you downloaded GOG Galaxy 2.0 from – and then click on “Create Account”.

You will need to activate your email account by click a link sent to your email address from GOG.

Step 3: Activate Your Game

Once you are logged in to GOG Galaxy 2.0, you should see a button in top-center of the screen that says “+ Add games & friends”.

Click this button and then in the drop down box select “Redeem GOG Code”.

Enter your game’s product code here, click continue and then confirm/redeem your code. The game will be immediately added to your account.

Step 4: Download Your Game

Once your code has been redeemed your game will appear in your Library on both GOG Galaxy 2.0.

Click on “Owned Games” on the left hand side. Select your game and then click the “Install” button that appears in the top-center of the screen.

Once the game has downloaded it will be ready to play!

Step 5: Problem?

Did you have a problem with any of the above steps?

If you need any assistance then please contact us.