How do products work?

All products sold on our website are digitally activated codes. If this is a game then it comes in the form of a CD key or serial code that can be activated on it’s designated platform. For software this comes in the form of a license key or activation code – for the time period displayed on the product listing page.

All products are activated and downloaded from legally permitted sites or platforms. For example:

  • Games are activated on platforms such as: Steam, Origin and Uplay
  • Software is always downloaded from the official website.

How are products delivered?

All products are delivered via email.

We do not offer a postal service. Following purchase you will receive confirmation emails, and shortly after that an email containing your digitally delivered game or software code.

Do I receive a physical box?

We do not currently sell any physical products on our website. All items are digitally delivered for customer convenience. Most games are received the same day of purchase – often within just one hour.

Furthermore, it is not possible for us to make exceptions to this. We cannot dispatch or deliver any physical products at present.

Are you online to dispatch my game right now?

Our online times are from 9am to 10pm UK time. Orders received during those times will be processed and generally dispatched within 30 minutes. Orders outside of those hours may still be processed immediately – but may not be processed until 9am the following day.

Can this product be activated in my country?

99% of our products can be activated globally. However, it is important to check in products details/information because certain games are restricted in specific countries. For example: many “violent” games cannot be activated in Germany.

How do I activate my product?

All digital deliveries include download and activation instructions.

I pre-ordered a product. When will I receive it?

Pre-ordered products are delivered on, or shortly before, their release date. Release dates should be stated on any pre-order products and are also included in pre-order confirmation emails.

Is this an account or can I activate the game on my own account?

None of our products are any kind of account or user login information.

All of our games appear in code form and can be activated/redeemed on your own account.

Why was my order refunded?

A purchase my be refunded or rejected for a number of reasons. We reserve the right to refund any purchase before sending out digital products without explanation. The reason for a refund is usually stated on the PayPal refund transaction. However, should your purchase be refunded and you wish to know why then please get in touch with us via the contact page.

Is it possible to cancel or return a product?

You may cancel a purchase in the following circumstances: the product was a pre-order and it is more than 48 hours before release day; the product in question has not yet been digitally delivered.

Returns are not accepted on digitally delivered products unless the product code/key has been verified as invalid. Technical issues – IE: the game lags on your system, your hardware does not support the game, the software causes your computer to run slowly – are not a reason to return a product. These are digital activation codes/licenses. They are one-time-use codes that cannot be removed or returned once they have been used.

In the case of a game, it will remain in your account forever. Therefore, you may at some point upgrade your computer and then the game will run fine. Specifications and technical details are the responsibility of the customer.

I have not received my order. What should I do?

First: double check that this product is not a pre-order product.

If this is not a pre-order and you received email confirmation of your purchase there could be a number of reasons why you have not yet received your purchase. Our online times are from 9am to 10pm (UK time). Orders will only be processed during these times – for 99% of orders.

If you wish to get in touch regarding an ordered that has yet to be delivered then please use the contact page.