Nintendo Switch Guide

Option 1: Redeem on Console

On your Nintendo Switch console:

Select Nintendo eShop on the HOME menu to open Nintendo eShop.

Select the account you want to use.

Select Redeem Code on the left side of the screen.

Enter the 16-character download code.

  • Any letters and symbols not used with prepaid codes (i.e. O, I, Z, commas, hyphens, etc.) will be disabled from the on-screen keyboard.

Select Confirm. Your game will begin downloading once the code is confirmed.

  • The software icon will appear on the HOME Menu, with a download status bar. The status bar will disappear once the game download is complete.

Option 2: Redeem on Website

Go to https://ec.nintendo.com/redeem/#/ and sign in to your Nintendo account.

Enter your 16-character download code and select Next.

Re-enter your Nintendo account password when prompted and select Redeem to complete the process.

You will now see confirmation of your code redemption and your game will be available to download from your Nintendo Switch console.

Step 3: Problem?

Did you have a problem with any of the above steps?

If you need any assistance then please contact us.