Returns & Refunds Policy

Thank you for shopping at Afty Games (aftygames.com).

Afty Games is a digital games service only and does not mail out disks, boxed games or physical games.

Sales Policy

  • Before buying a game it is solely your responsibility and obligation to ensure that you have the technical ability to operate the game, and that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the game.
  • Afty Games does not take responsibility for a game not working on a newer or different operating system than as specified in the system requirements of each game.
  • All sales, purchases and payments made through Afty Games are final and not refundable except as expressed below:
    • A pre-order game has been significantly delayed in release (this must be a period of 30 days or more).
    • Refunds are provided at the discretion of Afty Games.
  • PayPal refunds cannot be processed more than 60 days after purchase.
  • Refunds will not be issued once a game code/key has been dispatched by email.

Technical Support

  • As a digital distributor of downloadable content, our knowledge of in-game problems is limited. For the best support for an in-game problem:
    • Contact the support team of the developer or publisher of the specific game.
    • Contact the support team for the specific platform, example: EA support for Origin.
    • Use forums and fan sites to find information and possible solutions from users that have experienced a similar problem.
  • For help with Afty Games related technical problems (Example: downloading or installing a game platform such as Steam, installing or activating a game serial/key) please use our contact form or email us directly. All products are dispatched with either: direct download/activation instructions or a link to a step-by-step instructions page. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we will do our best to assist you with any technical problems that you experience while downloading, installing or activating a game.

Payment Support

As we only currently support payments via PayPal, should you encounter any problems while making a payment via PayPal then we recommend that you contact PayPal for support in this issue.