What makes Dying Light an underrated game?

Dying Light is definitely underrated! It might not have appeared on many ‘Best Games’ lists, but it has massive appeal to multiple video game genres. At it’s core is an open world first person survival game. However, the game blends two perfect elements into it’s mechanics. During the day, the game is a hack and slash zombie slayer. During night, a terrifying stealth survival game.

The world itself is open to explore and it looks absolutely stunning. Hordes of zombies roam and you can use parkour to bypass them or simply slay your way though. When darkness falls the zombies become a completely different ball game. It’s a very interesting shift in gaming dynamics and it affects how you have to play the game.

The missions, side missions, and The Follow expansion are all incredibly interesting and challenging. Early on the combat system can be tough to learn, but it is definitely worth it.

Overall the game is excellent and very entertaining. We feel like the game is often overlooked and is a must play for horror and zombie fans.

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