Top Reasons to Play No Man’s Sky

After a disastrous launch in August 2016, Hello Games have worked continuously to deliver a game that was originally promised. The universe has been expanded, improved and aspects of the game have been completely overhauled.

So why should you now play No Man’s Sky?

1. Follow the Storyline

When the game first launched it was purely a simulation style exploration game. With an infinite universe filled with infinite planets and creatures, the idea was very much freedom to explore the unknown.

The game now has three main story arcs to follow, as well as numerous sub-missions to keep you busy. This definitely helps if you’re looking for direction or feeling a bit lost. Of course, the missions also give out rewards to help improve your character.

2. Play with Friends

A major disappointment on launch was that the game did not include any multiplayer mode. Not anymore! You can now hop on with friends or join up with random strangers and explore the universe together.

3. Build Your Base

With a universe so big it’s nice to have a place called ‘home’. You can now build your own base whereever you like. This could be in a desert plain, under an ocean, on top of a snowy mountain… it’s completely up to you.

4. My Ship? This is my Armada!

Cruising around the universe in your ship is fun but if you fancy something bigger then get yourself a freighter. These can be customized and moved around like gigantic fortresses. You can include your base and storage – and even hire frigate vessels to protect from bandits.

5. Improved Visuals

With each update pumped out for free by Hello Games the universe has continued to improve visually. Everything has improved since the game’s launch; better clouds, more detailed planets, more diverse landscapes. They even added Photo Mode so that you can capture your findings in high quality.

6. Vehicles Galore

When the game first launched the only way to get around a planet was to hop out of your ship and trek around on foot. Well, that’s just not good enough for your average space explorer! Now there is a choice of vehicles with various advantages and disadvantages that you can easily explore in.

7. Character Customization

Who wants to look like everyone else? Not me! You can now customize your character’s race, outfit and colour scheme so that you look and feel like a unique character. On top of that, third-person camera mode was added so that you can see what you and your ship look like from all angles.

8. Freedom!

When you have an infinite universe available to explore, you want freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. No Man’s Sky delivers this! You are completely free to complete missions, explore, set up a home, become a galactic emperor with your armada fleet, mine asteroids, become a rich trader… and so much more.

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